healthyceps, healthyceps india
healthyceps, healthyceps india

Healthyceps is derived from two words: HEALTHY and CEPS. “Healthy” means good health and “Ceps” stands for medicinal mushrooms with magical powers. As the name denotes, we bring the same medicinal mushroom popularly known as Cordyceps Militaris worldwide to you under the name of “Healthyceps”. Healthyceps is a health supplement that helps to prevent and cure many infectious and life style diseases. It acts as your Health shield. Many researches says that it is beneficial in Asthma, Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Depression, Stress, Sleep management, weight management, energy enhancer, Immunity modulator. (If you want to know about all benefits then see our product details list)

Cordyceps militaris, a fungi (medicinal mushroom) which is known for its medicinal and magical properties around the world. It grows naturally in high altitude hilly regions like Tibet, Japan, Thailand, China, Vietnam etc. 

These countries are consuming it since thousands of years but gained the attention when in the 1993 Olympics, Chinese athletes broke a number of world records. It was revealed later that they were using cordyceps mushrooms which enhanced their performance and stamina. 

This incident disclosed the world about cordyceps and its benefits. Various researches were carried out globally and it was found that it contains many valuable compounds like Cordycepin, Adenosine, ß-Glucans, nucleosides and polysaccharides. These compounds are used extensively in pharma companies worldwide. 

Since one and half decades, people are consuming it in various countries including USA and South Asian countries like Japan, Korea, Thailand, China, Vietnam, Tibet. These countries are already taking health benefits of Cordyceps and it has become a part of there day to day life. 

Now we Cosmic Cordycep Farms, a Faridabad based biotech company with a team of microbiologists and researchers by using modern techniques have launched this mushroom in Indian market to deliver wellness to Indians. 

  • Continuous innovation in products & processes is the basis of our success. 
  • We are the first company in India who signed MOU with any University ( Cotton University, Guwahati). 
  • We have done lot of  researches for the development of best product. In this process we have signed MOU with reputed institution.  
  • For timely upgradations we interact with microbiologists globally and share with them latest R &D’s. 
  •  We have highly qualified technical staff which comprised of microbiologists and zoologists.  
  • We strictly follow protocols and maintain hygiene with the help of various softwares and new technologies like  artificial intelligence, sensors etc.  
  • We have developed SMART FARMS for growing our Healthyceps. 
  • Professor of Cotton University Guwahati has performed many tests on our product  like Toxicity test, anti-cancer studies, phytochemical studies ,GCMS analysis. The results that came out are very promising. 

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