Q. I am worried about the quality of Cordyceps. Is this Cordyceps really safe? 

A. Yes, our Cordyceps is really safe. Our products are manufactured under strict safety standards. Therefore, you can take them with no worries about safety. 

Q. Can I take your products with other drugs or health foods? 

A. Yes, you can, because our products are made of safe edible fungus. If you have any safety concerns, please consult a doctor or a pharmacist. 

Q. What effects does this product have? 

A. The reported effects of our products include better sleep, improved appetite, good bowel movements, nutritional fortification, and rejuvenation. However, these reports are based on personal impressions, so the effects vary between individuals and cannot be guaranteed. 

Q. Is there an age limit for taking your products? 

A. No, there is not. Because our products are made of safe edible fungus, everybody from young children to adults can take our products. 

Q. Can pregnant or nursing women take your products? 

A. Yes, without problems. However, we recommend pregnant or nursing women to consult a specialist before taking our products, just in case, because health is particularly important during pregnancy and nursing. 

Q. How long is the shelf life? 

A. The expiration date is shown on the bottom of the outer package. 

Q. I smelled something when I opened the package. What is this smell? Is it safe? 

A. This smell is the distinctive odor of Cordyceps. It does not indicate a problem. 

Q. How quickly should the product be used after opening the package? 

A. If the product is stored properly, you can take it right up to the expiration date. Our current customers take an average 3 months to use up their products.