Welcome to Healthyceps

Cosmic Cordycep Farms is a biotech company involved in various medicinal mushrooms cultivation and distribution.Established in 2018 with the philosophy of “FOOD IS MEDICINE”. . Mr Rohit Aggarwal is the founder of HealthyCeps(our brand name).

Let us tell you how he get into this business.

Long queues in front of doctor’s clinics, rapid increase in the cancer, heart stroke, brain stroke data make him understand the high importance of having the right diet.

Allopathy medicines don’t work on root cause and that’s why don’t has permanent solution. Doctors give antibiotic to patients without hesitating even in seasonal flu like cold and cough. Long term uses of Allopathy medicines has many side effects too.

So, what’s the solution…??

Solution lies in the Green Pharma Revolution.
Green Pharma means those super foods that can have a therapeutic effect at various diseases naturally without any side effects.

For promoting the practice of Green Pharma, Mr. Rohit Aggarwal decided to manufacture his own brand with the aim of Delivering Wellness to the people.

HealthyCeps is a natural health supplement brand which gives immense Health benefits without any side effects. It helps in boosting immunity and heal from inside in a natural and healthy way.


Why Choose Us

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    High quality products
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    Authentic and lab tested products
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    Fast results
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    100% organic
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    Mass and wide spectrum of amino acids & minerals
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    Continuous R&D