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In order to be able to declare a 100% quality and purity of our products we have developed smart farm which is under a constant supervision and enjoys the certificate of FSSAI, ISO, GMP and Organic product. Continuous innovation in products & processes is the basis of our success. General cordycepin level found is 10-12 mg/gm in cordyceps. But our Cordyceps are best in this aspect also. We have cordycepin level of 34mg/gm, which is highest in India.

We Cosmic Cordycep Farms are India’s best grower of cordyceps militaris of premium quality with excellent results. We grow 100% organic cordyceps with hi-tech infrastructure and strict quality control parameters.


    • Highest Cordycepin level.
    • We have Organic study over all 212 parameters.
    • 64.9% success rate in inhibition of Corona Virus growth within a time span of 48 hrs without any side-effects ( 0% toxicity).
    • Our work is published in two different medical journals of USA
      links :,http://dx.doi.org/10.1111/cbdd.13812
    • We have phytochemicals study also of our product.
    • We have conducted 28 days mice model study, which shows 0% toxicity in our product. This study shows that our product is completely safe for human beings.
    • We have conducted in vitro study, on 7 different human cancer cell lines in which we got amazing results.
    • We have an automatic growing lab with minimum human intervention which helps grow best quality.

Mostly all above tests are performed either at Government institutions or performed by scientists of Government body instituitions. We are an ISO and GMP Certified company with FSSAI too.